Sunday, 17 December 2006

The melodrama continues

The reaction of most people to the follow-up story below (at least, the first part about Alagna's 'final' performance outside La Scala) has been one of disbelief, or life imitating art gone too far. Am I alone in thinking that this was a beautiful and poetic gesture? A bit OTT perhaps (OK, a LOT OTT...) but this could have been a memorable scene from an opera:


Biggles said...

If Alagna thought he would be in trouble at La Scala he shouldn't have taken the job. If he thinks he can sing Radames then he should have enough self belief to get on with it. But regardless of what he thought and how he felt he signed a contract, he was not ill, plus he was being paid shed loads of money, so he should have sodding well got on with it and saved the hurt for the dressing room. He is supposed to be grown up. You don't hear stories of Domingo being difficult, throwin hissy fits and storming off if he is having a bad show - in fact, in the old video I have of Domingo singing Radames he sings like a pig at times (and I am a mega fan). So, no sympathy for Alagana.

Zoe said...

Jerzy - may I please introduce you to my cat, Biggles, (not written by my dad, of course hem hem...)